TeachBoost Account Setup

Dear Challenge All-Stars,
Thanks for being part of the Instructional Leadership Challenge. Our numbers continue to grow, and you can continue to invite your colleagues to register for the challenge and access all of our free resources.

If you’ve been through the TeachBoost training, the next step is to fill out this easy form to get your staff set up in the system. Jill and her team will put this information into your TeachBoost account so you can use it for taking notes, providing feedback, scheduling meetings, and other aspects of the process.

Click here to complete the account setup form

Justin, Jill, & the Instructional Leadership Challenge team

P.S. Justin is offering his workshop iPad Essentials for School Leaders next week on September 11-12. While this workshop isn’t included in the Challenge, you can get $20 off by entering your email address in the “promo code” field on the registration form.

iPad Essentials for School Leaders

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