Recap: The Challenge So Far…and Your Commitment

Dear Challenge All-Stars,
We hope you are doing well as we enter the 2nd week of the Instructional Leadership Challenge. We’ve offered a number of workshops and asked you to complete a number of steps so far, and people have joined at varying times, so here’s a recap:

Step 1: Watch the introductory session to familiarize yourself with the Challenge

Step 2: Watch the TeachBoost training session with Jill

Step 3: Fill out the TeachBoost account setup form

Step 4: Watch Workshop #1 with Justin to learn powerful strategies to get into classrooms more and provide great feedback to teachers

Step 5: Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 25 @ 6pm Central (4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern), when we’ll have our 2nd free productivity workshop.

Make A Commitment

In Workshop #1, I asked you to commit to one of three tiers of the Challenge:

Tier I:
3-5 classroom visits a day
Encouragement and “noticing”
Develop a habit of presence
Build classroom rapport

Tier II:
4-5 classroom visits a day
Specific feedback
Linked to evaluation criteria
Develop rapport & reputation for IL

Tier III
5-7 classroom visits a day
Detailed, narrative feedback
Linked to growth goals, evaluation criteria, & PD plan
Rich with student-focused evidence

Record Your Commitment

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