Productivity Workshop #2

Buenos Dias Instructional Leaders,
Thanks for being part of the Challenge! We had our 2nd productivity workshop last night, and it was great to engage with everyone who could join live.

In this workshop, we talked about:

  • The three tiers of the Challenge, and the possibilities that emerge when you can deliver high-quality feedback to every teacher, every week
  • The kinds of data you’ve probably been collecting in your walkthroughs—without realizing it (and why this data is just as important as any quantitative data you’re collecting)
  • How to “program the robot” to make more of your work happen on autopilot, so you can devote your attention to what matters most

Here’s the workshop recording

(Click here to watch on YouTube)

If you can’t get to YouTube, here’s a Dropbox download link (MP4 video file, 78MB)

Bonus: The Robot & the Future File

I thought I would also include an excerpt from one of my recent High-Performance Instructional Leadership Network workshops, called High-Performance Workflow, as a bonus video. This clip does a better job of explaining “the robot” and gives an example for handling paper documents that you’ll need in the future, but don’t need to have on your desk in the meantime.

(Click here to watch on YouTube, or click here to download 49MB MP4 video file from Dropbox)

In case you’ve missed any of our previous workshops, here’s everything we’ve offered so far:

  1. Watch the introductory session to familiarize yourself with the Challenge
  2. Watch the TeachBoost training session with Jill
  3. Fill out the TeachBoost account setup form
  4. Watch Workshop #1 with Justin to learn powerful strategies to get into classrooms more and provide great feedback to teachers

What’s Next? TeachBoost Training #2, Tuesday, October 1 @ 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern

We’ve had great feedback from participants who have started using TeachBoost, and we want to provide even more help with getting the most from this powerful tool.

Jill from TeachBoost will be leading a 2nd workshop on Tuesday, October 1 at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern.

Sign in then at

Record Your Commitment

If you haven’t committed to a tier of the Challenge, we’d love to have some data on what feels appropriate to you.

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