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TeachBoost Account Setup

Dear Challenge All-Stars,
Thanks for being part of the Instructional Leadership Challenge. Our numbers continue to grow, and you can continue to invite your colleagues to register for the challenge and access all of our free resources.

If you’ve been through the TeachBoost training, the next step is to fill out this easy form to get your staff set up in the system. Jill and her team will put this information into your TeachBoost account so you can use it for taking notes, providing feedback, scheduling meetings, and other aspects of the process.

Click here to complete the account setup form

Justin, Jill, & the Instructional Leadership Challenge team

P.S. Justin is offering his workshop iPad Essentials for School Leaders next week on September 11-12. While this workshop isn’t included in the Challenge, you can get $20 off by entering your email address in the “promo code” field on the registration form.

iPad Essentials for School Leaders

TeachBoost Training Recording


The Challenge has begun! We’re challenging instructional leaders to commit to one of three tiers of involvement in classrooms. Leave a comment or tweet with the hashtag #ilchal and share your goal!

If you haven’t signed up for a TeachBoost training with Jill, you can still do so here.

If you aren’t able to attend any of the live sessions, here’s a recorded session:

If you would prefer to download an MP4 video of this training, please click here to download (40MB).

Thanks for joining the Challenge. We’re still accepting new registrants (currently over 375 people are signed up!), and since today is the first school day of the Challenge, it’s a great day to join! Everything is available on-demand:
Intro session explaining the Challenge
Workshop #1 on productivity and making time for the work of instructional leadership
TeachBoost training (above)

Workshop #1 Recording: Getting Into Classrooms & Providing Feedback

Thanks for being part of the Instructional Leadership Challenge! We held our first full workshop on Wednesday afternoon, and the recording is posted below.

In this workshop, we explore:

  • Why classroom time matters for instructional leaders
  • How to overcome the barriers and make time to be in classrooms
  • How to provide high-quality feedback to teachers—more easily and in less time than ever before
  • The #1 mistake principals make when scheduling time to be in classrooms (you’ll want to avoid this mistake or you’ll fail virtually every time!)

I also challenge you to accept one of 3 tiers of the Challenge:

Tier I

3-5 classroom visits a day
Encouragement and “noticing”
Develop a habit of presence
Build classroom rapport

Tier II

4-5 classroom visits a day
Specific feedback
Linked to evaluation criteria
Develop rapport & reputation for IL

Tier III

5-7 classroom visits a day
Detailed, narrative feedback
Linked to growth goals, evaluation criteria, & PD plan
Rich with student-focused evidence

Workshop Recording

Workshop 1 – Getting Into Classrooms & Providing Feedback
(MP4 video download, 75MB)

Or watch via YouTube

TeachBoost Software Training

A powerful tool we’re providing to support you in the Challenge is TeachBoost, which I believe is the best software on the market for managing walkthroughs, observations, and evaluations—everything from scheduling to notetaking to feedback.

To get started with TeachBoost, please RSVP for a live session with Jill.

Justin Baeder
Director, The Principal Center

Step 2: TeachBoost Training

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for joining the Instructional Leadership Challenge! We kicked things off with our live intro sessions; if you weren’t able to join live or want a recap, you can find the intro session recording here.

The intro session was Step 1. Step 2 is to get set up with TeachBoost, the software we’re using to provide rich feedback to teachers in the Challenge, by attending an online training with Jill.

Note: The live training sessions are now over, and you can watch a recorded session here.

To join the training sessions with Jill:

1. Please RSVP for a training session here—we’re offering a number of dates and times to fit your schedule, between this Thursday 8/22 and Friday 9/6.

2. At the time of the training, join the meeting:

On PC or Mac, use any browser with Flash. Nothing to download.

On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code: TeachBoost

3. Join the audio conference:

By phone:
1) Dial +1.415.464.6999 (United States)*
2) Enter conference ID: 399-063-585#(No matter how you join the conference, everyone will be on the same audio call)

By computer via internet: Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select ‘Call via internet’. **
* Long distance charges may apply.
** A small download might be required.

Thanks for joining us!

Justin, Jill, and the ILC Team)
PS Don’t forget to Tweet about the Challenge using the hashtag #ilchal!