The Instructional Leadership Challenge

Confidently Get Into Classrooms Every Day

Develop a consistent habit of visiting three classrooms every day—and overcome the interruptions and doubts that keep too many leaders in the office

Have Feedback Conversations That Change Teacher Practice

Use your instructional framework and firsthand evidence to provide rich, substantive feedback on teaching

Discover Your Best Opportunities for School Improvement

Identify your school's biggest needs so you can focus on your time on what matters most

More than 10,000 leaders from 50 countries have taken the Challenge! Will you be next?

Here's what instructional leaders are saying about The Challenge

This training reminded me to be present to every teacher on a consistent basis.

Many thanks and great job on this project! It really was a gift

Rick ... Principal

I was really impressed with how certain technologies can enhance my evidence-rich feedback by saving phrases and sentences to build a repertoire of things that I can say in my other subsequent feedback observation reports.

Also, I liked the idea of providing substantive feedback that is based and linked to my school district's instructional framework. All in all, it has made me a much better instructional leader going forward. I am excited about continuing to apply the knowledge and principles from The Challenge throughout the remainder of this school year and beyond.

Thank you so much for this rich and worthy challenge and experience!

Jerry ... Assistant Principal

More than anything, my leadership practice feels energized. The practices of being in 3-4 classrooms everyday, pondering the best possible feedback and co-creating the teacher's instructional framework have me as passionate about being a principal as when I started.

Christian ... Principal

The strategies in the Challenge help me be proactive, rather than reactive—working in classrooms, collaborating with teachers to ensure the best teaching and learning. This mental shift has been re-invigorating!

Ellen ... Assistant Principal

We are often so caught up in minutia and the “musts” of our job that we forget about the human part of it. This is so important for us to remember. You are doing good work! Thank you for taking the time to do the course.

Brandon ... Assistant Principal

I learned to just do it. Instructional leadership and coaching teachers is what I love to do! But I was letting the mire of curriculum, scheduling, discipline, emails and parent phone calls tie up much of my time. The Instructional Leadership Challenge got me back in classrooms every day doing what I love to do in the role as AP. So, thank you!

Jessica ... Assistant Principal
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